Rip-it returns to Kickstarter in Fall 2021

Our team is excited to announce that Rip-it, the automated table saw fence, will return to Kickstarter in the Fall of 2021.

Kickstarter is a great crowdfunding platform that allows people to pre-order and support the launch of new products. We plan to take pre-orders on Kickstarter and use those funds to purchase inventory and get Rip-it into production.

Our first Kickstarter attempt was three years ago. Forty-five customers made pledges to pre-order Rip-it in that campaign, which provided great validation of the product concept. Though we did not reach the funding goal, which would have allowed us to collect funds and launch Rip-it, we very much appreciated the support of those backers.

We also learned a lot from that attempt. Customers told us how they loved that Rip-it is easy to use, saves time, and saves money. We also listened to customer suggestions and concerns, and have worked diligently to implement key improvements for the next version of the Rip-it fence.

Something else that became apparent after the first campaign was the amount of promotion and outreach that is needed to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign. We need to build a large base of support before the Kickstarter launches, so we can achieve the funding goal, purchase components in bulk quantities, and deliver Rip-it Fence to our backers.

jeff at rip it awfs booth

With all that we learned, our team is now back at work to launch a second Kickstarter campaign and make it successful. We now have updated prototypes ready and are working to generate critical pre-campaign exposure through direct outreach and PR. To kick-off the process, we got a booth at the 2021 Association of Woodworking and Furnishing Suppliers (AWFS) Fair in Las Vegas. Hundreds of people visited the booth to give Rip-it Fence a spin, give us impressions, and sign up for the mailing list.

The next steps are to finalize the next-generation prototype for demonstration and to continue reaching out to customers, media, and influencers so that we can grow the mailing list and social media followings. With your help, we are building a base of support and a list of customers ready to pre-order when the Kickstarter launches within the next few months.

We’re so excited to bring Rip-it Fence to the world! To help us do that, please follow along and tell anyone and everyone about Rip-it. Follow on any of these channels for updates, and like/share our channels to help us spread the word:

-Team Rip-it

Render of the new Rip-it fence prototype