Rip-it returns to Kickstarter in 2022

Our team is excited to announce that Rip-it, the automated table saw fence, will return to Kickstarter in 2022.

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that lets people support the launch of new products. We will take pre-orders on Kickstarter and use the funds to purchase inventory and set up production of Rip-it.

We launched a Kickstarter campaign three years ago but we did not reach the funding goal, which would have allowed us to collect funds and deliver Rip-it to customers. But forty-five customers made pre-order pledges in that campaign and numerous others have messaged us since to ask if Rip-it was for sale.

We have been inspired by the support from woodworkers everywhere. So now, fueled by that support, our team is back at work to launch a second Kickstarter campaign in early 2022 and this time we will make sure it flies.

We had previously underestimated the amount of promotion and outreach needed for a successful Kickstarter. This time, we are going to establish a larger base of support before the campaign launches. We are building an email list and social media presence, to connect with backers ahead of time. That way we can be sure to reach the funding goal necessary to collect funds, purchase components in bulk, and deliver Rip-it Fence to pre-order customers.

jeff at rip it awfs booth

To kick-off the process, we got an exhibit booth at the July 2021 Association of Woodworking and Furnishing Suppliers (AWFS) Fair in Las Vegas. Hundreds of people visited to give Rip-it Fence a try, provide feedback, and sign up for the mailing list.

We are also updating the design. From all the customer feedback, we know that people love how Rip-it is easy to use, saves time, and saves money for professional shops. We also heard how customers require a product that is sturdy, reliable, and ultra-precise.

Our latest prototype design delivers on all those requirements. We are putting the finishing touches on it now, working through supply chain issues to get all the parts, and will release it for demo users and influencers in the coming months.

The next step after that is to build our following on email and social media. We will send occasional blasts to everyone who signed up, during our past campaign or at AWFS or elsewhere, to provide updates on the prototype release and pending campaign. We will also be reaching out to media and influencers to help us spread the word.

You can help us! Sign up for the mailing list, follow and share us on social media, and tell your friends who might be interested:

We are so excited to bring Rip-it Fence to the world! Thank you for your interest and support.

-Team Rip-it

Render of the new Rip-it fence prototype