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Justin asked 1 year ago

What’s the benefits of rip-it vs something like Tiger Stop ?

1 Answers
Jeff Hadaway Staff answered 1 year ago

Justin, this is a great question and I think it’s a big reason for why we didn’t reach our goal. The benefits of Rip-it are there but they HAVE to be demonstrated more quickly and thoroughly. Any suggestions you or anyone has would be greatly appreciated. Some of the benefits of Rip-it vs Tiger Stop are as follows:

  1. Cost Tiger Stop is anywhere from $6,000 to $15,000 with upgrades and maintenance being hundreds to thousands every couple of years. Tiger Stop won’t tell you this. In fact, you won’t find ANY pricing on their site. You have to request a quote, similar to a car dealership, where the price is whatever they think they can get out of you. We’ve learned this information through our experience working at woodworking companies and through the many many people we’ve talked with who have owned or still own Tiger Stop.
  2. Installation Time Rip-it can be installed in about 10 minutes. Tiger stop can take an entire day or more to set up.
  3. Automatic Calibration Rip-it automatically calibrates on startup, by moving toward the blade, making contact and zeroing out. It’s fast and easy.
  4. User Interface The user interface between Rip-it, Tiger Stop, and a traditional fence is akin to an iPhone, a razor flip phone, and a rotary phone. Yeah, they all work, but for something to only work, isn’t a very high bar to strive for.