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Future Software Updates

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Kurtis Aelick asked 1 year ago

I’m wondering if you will be able to upgrade the software running on the controller when they are released in the future. I would hope that the fence would come with unlimited future updates to any software (or firmware, I’m not sure the difference or what applies here) since there may be bugs that need to be worked out on the first generation. 
How would these updates be handled? Would you need to hook a computer up to the controller?

1 Answers
Jeff Hadaway Staff answered 1 year ago

Excellent question! The way we handle updates with the current design is through a USB drive. You’d download the update to the drive and then just pop that into Rip-it. Rip-it will then download the update from the drive, making the changes to the firmware and software. The firmware relates to inputs and outputs- circuit board level communication. The software would be the user interface. Everything you see on the screen.
I’m really excited about the updates that we release. The company that helped us develop this, Steele, was very adamant about making this “future proof”. What that means is that Rip-it is fitted with tech that is expandable and easily upgradable without YOU ever having to dig in there and replace parts. This also means that we’ve added hardware for features not yet fully written in code, so that when the code is finished your Rip-it already has what it needs to implement it!
All for free of course. I’ve never understood charging for updates. We plan on releasing other smart woodworking products and we want all of them to work with Rip-it Fence.