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Round rails ?

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Michael asked 1 year ago

Great idea.
I notice that this matches the “Standard” rectangle Delta or Biesemeyer rail. I have 2 slider saws and an RT-40 all of which have Round rails. Will this fit? Also, need 50″ Wide ?  Will this replace them or match to them somehow. If so, I am interested.  p.s. if these work well, I can also use them for crosscuts, but will need up to 61″. 

1 Answers
Jeff Hadaway Staff answered 1 year ago

Rail type:
Yes, we modeled our rail after the most common 3″x2″ rectangular tubing rail. In fact, our rail sits and mount right over the existing angle iron mounts. However, we know not every fence is the same so we also offer our own angle iron mount so that you can mount everything to virtually any tablesaw.
Cutting width:
We’ve been contemplating offering an 8ft rail to accommodate users that need a wider cutting width. This would be a slight upcharge from the standard 6ft rail.
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