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Don’t Measure,

Just Rip-it

The fully automated tablesaw fence with a touch screen display, auto calibration, and autolocking features. We’ll be launching on Indiegogo in early 2019. Subscribe to be notified. The first 15 pre-orders get Rip-it for half off.

Don’t Measure,



“An automated, digitally-controlled, self-calibrating, USA-made table saw fence that saves time, reduces waste, and is fun to use?”

“Rip-it has come up with a one-of-its-kind solution!”

“Rip-it has modeled their fence system after the most common style that can be found on the market; so compatibility shouldn’t be much of a problem.”


Rip-it is an automated tablesaw fence that we’ve developed and plan to release for pre-order early 2019.

We’re currently redesigning Rip-it after receiving¬†feedback from various backers, forums, and interests following our Kickstarter¬†campaign. We’re working on physical and software redesign and re-ngineering.

Our goal to have an even BETTER Rip-it by early 2019. We’ve partnered with some big names and we’ve been certified by Arrow Electronics. We want Rip-it to reach the sky this time.


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