The AUTOMATED Table Saw Fence

The perfect cut, everytime.

.005”/.127 mm

Extreme accuracy and precision

6X Faster

Than using a tradional fence

Ø Miscuts

Eliminate miscuts and wasted precious wood.

The biggest, smallest
addition to your shop.

Rip-it Fence™

The automated table saw fence.

Rip-it is a fully automated table saw fence. Type in your rip width using the built in keypad and watch as Rip-it moves automatically to your set width and locks into place.


Self calibrates in just seconds.

Accurate repeatability within .005"/.127mm

Three adjustable pre load settings

Up to 50" max rip.

Reduce Waste

Display confirms next position, eliminating miscuts.

42" fence produces a safer, straighter cutting surface.

Saves Time and Money

Rip-it is six times faster than a manual fence.

ROI in just a few months.

Saves material and labor costs.

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