Meet Rip-it

Product Summary

  • Rip-it is a retrofit system for woodworking professionals to add automation to an existing contractor or cabinet saw setup.
  • The system includes a motorized, touchscreen-controlled fence along with rack rail and mount that attaches to your table.
  • Just dial the cut width and watch the fence move quickly and precisely into place. Save time and money with Rip-it!

Key features and benefits

Touchscreen control

Just dial the cut width on the intuitive touchscreen control and Rip-it moves quickly and accurately into position.


Calibrate with one click. Rip-it automatically finds the blade, presses gently to sense the zero point, and is ready to use.

Precise and accurate

Electronic control and precision stepper motor ensure consistent accuracy within a narrow tolerance.

Easy to install and compatible with your table

Rip-it is retrofittable to most tables and compatible with any table saw. Multiple rail lengths are available to fit varied table sizes.

Pays for Itself!

Rip-it makes work go up to 6x faster, reduces miscuts, and requires no special training to use. In busy shops, Rip-it pays for itself in months or even weeks.

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