Rip-it™: The AUTOMATED Table Saw Fence

Rip-it is launching soon on Kickstarter.
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Rip-it is a fully automated table saw fence. Type your cut width into the built-in keypad. Then watch as Rip-it moves quickly and precisely into place and locks. All you have to do is make the cut! Rip-it helps you save time, reduce miscuts, and get more done.

Key Features

Precise and accurate, with self-calibration and motor control to within .005"/.127mm.

42" fence produces a safe, straight cutting surface.

Fast. Work gets done up to six times faster with Rip-it compared to a manual fence.

Compatible with most popular table saws.

High-contrast touchpad control and display.

Memory presets for frequently used widths.

The Story of Rip-it

See the product prototype in action while inventor Jeff Hadaway explains the inspiration and history behind Rip-it Fence.

“Once you trust it, after about two cuts, you’ll wonder why you ever used a tape measure before.” -Jeff Hadaway

Rip-it Fence will be available for pre-orders on Kickstarter very soon. Sign up to receive updates.