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This page contains information for media about Rip-it, the Kickstarter campaign, the company team, and links to online properties and select content. Use the contact form at the top of the page to get in touch with us. We welcome your questions and comments.

About Rip-it

Rip-it is "the automated table saw fence." The product is a retrofit kit that includes a touchscreen-controlled and motorized fence, a 6' rack rail, and angle mount. Rip-it is compatible with any conventional contractor or cabinet saw table. The angle attaches to the table, the rail bolts to the angle, and the fence clamps on the rail. Users micro-adjust the fence angle with set screws on rail to ensure alignment.

Calibration can be set manually or automatically. The fence auto-calibrates by moving slowly to the blade and touching it gently to detect the zero point. Then Rip-it is ready to go to work.   

To operate the fence, just dial the desired width and hit "Move" and Rip-it moves quickly and precisely into place. Users have options for fractional-inch, decimal-inch or metric units, and a jog functions to make micro adjustments or quickly move the fence in either direction. 

Woodworkers love Rip-it because it saves time, and time is money. Our internal time study showed that table saw work goes up to six times faster with Rip-it. Measurement errors and miscuts are also reduced. Rip-it pays for itself within weeks in a busy professional shop.

The 2023 Kickstarter Campaign

Rip-it Fence is available for preorder exclusively on Kickstarter from July 25, 2023 to August 24, 2023. The Kickstarter Special price is $1,249 plus shipping, a 26% discount from the MSRP. Our plan is to sell Rip-it for $1,699 once full production has begun.

Our campaign Kickstarter page provides an extensive overview of the product and campaign, including video, photo, and written copy.

Kickstarter is a platform for innovators and inventors to presell their new products in order to finance final development and production costs.

Team Rip-it is seeking to raise at least $150,000 on Kickstarter to bring Rip-it to market. We will use the funds mainly to pay for final prototyping costs, tooling for the extrusions, building an inventory of components, and paying rent on shop space for production. We plan to assemble and package in our own facility to keep costs lower and ensure quality.

About the Company

The Rip-it Fence Company is based in Corvallis, Oregon and includes a small group of dedicated individuals and partners who are brining Rip-it Fence to market. 

Key people and partners on the team include the following.

Jeff Hadaway is the inventor of Rip-it and a woodworker with almost 50 years of experience, including as a cabinetmaker for high-end homes. The idea for Rip-it came to Jeff years ago when he was frustrated with the measurement and adjustment needed to ensure accurate cuts with a traditional fence.

Sanjai Tripathi is the business manager for Rip-it, a serial entrepreneur, and a university business instructor. Sanjai joined the team because he saw how much woodworkers loved the product concept. He was inspired to help bring it to market.

Katterlea MacGregor is the content manager for Rip-it and an experienced content creator. She operates a freelance photography business and manages content for other prominent clients while attending university to earn her Master's degree.

Steele Inc. is a full-service product design company based in Corvallis, Oregon. The company combines design, engineering, and prototyping to bring product ideas to life in a multi-phase process, providing engineering support at every step.

For Rip-it, Steele provided the industrial design, mechanical and electrical engineering, and prototype development to arrive at the current well-tested and manufacturable design.

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